Remmus pt5

welcome back to summer in hell where my dreams get crushed. You know, feel like my screen time is slowly coming back because sometime I get my grandma iphone/ios 7 and start playing Red ball. Oh, by the way when your playing Red ball you know that you only get 5 life’s well for mobile …

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Remmus pt4

Welcome back to bad parenting, which is not letting you have screen time. Well, the doctor or health people say that you can at least have 2 hours of screen time a day, but I guess that my mom and dad think that you should have none. I guess that this Remmus thing all started … Continue reading Remmus pt4

Remmus pt3

Welcome back to living in hell with your parents not letting you play video game even though it is my dream to become a super good gamer. I still have high hopes for my cousins birthday even though he is not coming to my family’s house to celebrate. Until then, I will just find way … Continue reading Remmus pt3

Remmus pt2

Well, in this post I am just going to talk about my bad summer like remmus pt1. Because I have nothing else to do except talk about living in hell in summer break. well, me and my family went on vacation for a week and just so you know it’s SCREEN FREE because apparently my … Continue reading Remmus pt2


The reason I put summer backwards is because my summer became a living HELL. My mom for some reason, said that I, and my three brothers couldn’t touch our computers or iPads or else the same thing happens for winter. And for some weird reason, my mom said that we are not ban/grounded, we’re just … Continue reading Remmus

new fat video card

Well when I said that I was going to get a fat video card I did! the video I got is a strong one, it can run a lots of those old flash games. But I haven’t tried doing it on those new steam games like CSGO and fps games. Look I’m just scared that … Continue reading new fat video card

jackass 2 point O

Okay just because I made the title jackass. I’m not really a jackass, but when it comes to making people mad, I am a jackass. 2-point O. I can make people mad very fast, all you need to do is: turn off the power for good. Because humans are run by the online world. And … Continue reading jackass 2 point O


I kinda don’t know why I made dis but I made it. Well, I kinda made dis to talk about things I am bad, Well I’m bad at staying healthy, washing dishes, drying clothes, and all that kind of stuff. Oh, wait I forgot cooking my mom says that I can cook I’m just not … Continue reading ?